Today is a beautiful spring day and the sun is shining into my study. It is peaceful, until the phone rings.

There is an Afrikaans-speaking lady on the other end. She forgot to introduce herself properly and she exclaimed that she is a social worker who will die if she had to do trauma counselling in English. Apparently, someone passed away and some elderly people might need counselling there and then. As I am trying to establish the who, what, where and more detail she concludes with a hand full of snap-judgements and ends the call.

This weird conversation dimmed the joy of my Springday a little. I had to recalibrate what I am passionate about and what is excluded from my portfolio of services. My re-assessment is as follows:

  • I am passionate about helping people to become well and whole.
  • Being compassionate doesn’t mean I am a doormat.
  • Being caring doesn’t constitute keeping quiet in the face of injustice and abuse.
  • Being empathetic doesn’t mean I have to fix anyone.
  • Showing kindness means I remember where I am coming from, and I honour the grace of God in my life.

I’ll continue to study and create content around trauma, hope and Christian Pastoral Counselling. I’ll share the joy of caring and making a difference with my colleagues, students, and friends.

If you have one of those conversations that let your head and head spin at the same time – Stop – Recalibrate and keep on doing what you do best.

I can help you to refocus and put the trauma behind you. Book an appointment.