Gratitude is the act of being thankful and expressing appreciation – here and now. Encouraging you to focus on and reflect the positives in the present.

The first step to benefit from a journal is to choose a book in which you can write, draw and scribble. You can choose a notebook which you can decorate and cover or a beautiful ready-made journal. Whatever you choose must allow you to express yourself, because sometimes talking isn’t enough to express what you are thinking and feeling.

The second step is to commit to write or draw every day. Write at least 10 to 15 minutes a day, using your own words. You just need to be true to who you are and what you are grateful for.

Your gratefulness helps you to show compassion, happiness and concern towards others. Your behaviour will be motivated out of the concern for others, rather than any selfish morals. You will see opportunities to be kind without being a ‘doormat’.

An attitude of gratitude leads you closer to God because you start to see the wonders of being alive and the miracles He bestows on you every day. This enhances your sense of security, healthy compassion and sound judgement.

Make your gratitude journal a regular practice in your life. Keep a diary to record all the things that make you feel thankful.

Here is an infographic to illustrate the benefits of a gratitude journal.

Should you feel stuck in a spot of unwellness or trauma, I am available to help you to put the trauma behind you and become well.

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Tyd om heel te word 01

Soms gebeur daar dinge in die lewe wat mens laat voel jy is vasgevries in tyd. Daardie tye voel asof dit vir ewig gaan aanhou. In die boek deel Dr Barbara Louw haar unieke insig op die onderwerp van tyd en gee vir jou n praktiese oorsig van hoe om gesond word. Onderwerpe soos rustyd, saaityd, oestyd en die toets van die tyd word ondersoek.

Hierdie book word in Maart 2018 vrygestel.

Kort video oorsig oor Tyd om Heel te Word

Ander boeke deur Dr Barbara Louw

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Time to be Well Launch 01

There are times in your life when you experience an overwhelming feeling of having lost time, thinking that you will never be able to catch up again. Time to be well is a life-affirming book by Dr Barbara Louw that will empower you to be well and truly live a life of wholeness. Some of the topics she highlights include the test of time, a time to sow, a time to reap and taking time to rest.

Short video overview

Video clip of other books by Dr Barbara Louw

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AWS 06


Coaching, supervising and equipping counsellors ensures that more people are able to help others to heal.

Our training programme for 2019 will include webinars to assist in the development of counsellors. The topics for the workshops are published and the webinar topic will be developed from the group interaction during the workshops. This means that if there are important questions or concern that are raised during the face to face interaction, we will create videos and webinars to enhance the learning and coaching experience of the participants and other interested people.

The links below are brief overviews of YouTube videos that were posted some time ago,

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 Aquilla Training 2020

Time to be Well - Book

Dr Barbara Louw

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Roots and All, by Dr Barbara Louw, is based on ground-breaking research into Bitterness and Posttraumatic Embitterment Reactions and Disorder.

This book provides insights into the prevalence of bitterness and embitterment in individuals, families and the community, as well as in the workplace.

It will enable you to get the big picture of what embitterment is and how it impacts people’s health, relationships and wellness. You will be shown how to understand the concepts of ‘wellness’ and ‘unwellness’ in a holistic systems paradigm. It will present you to understand and apply the principles of natural health to enhance and obtain wholeness.

It gives practical guidelines and applicable suggestions on how to assist individual, therapists, HR-practitioners, pastors and managers on a road to healing, wholeness and forgiveness.

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Trauma agter die rug Front

Outeurs Dr Barbara Louw & Wynand Louw CFP

ISBN 97819197549491

Uiteindelik in Afrikaans!

Hierdie boek gee vir jou praktiese riglyne om jou te help om aan te beweeg met jou lewe na trauma. Hierin sal jy riglyne vind oor hoe om die warboel van emosies wat jy ervaar te verstaan en te hanteer. Daar is ook inligting oor verwarrende reaksies op trauma en die vrae wat jy dalk het oor geloof en geestelikheid.

Praktiese hulp, aanwysings en wenke is volop in die boek tevinde en dit sal jou bystaan in hierdie proses van genesing, heel word en vergifnis.‘n Unieke deel van hierdie boek is die afdeling oor die finansiële impak van trauma en hoe ‘n mens daarna herstel. Die hoofstuk word aangevul deur hulpbronne wat gratis van Aquilla Adviseurs se webwerf afgelaai kan word.

Die idees en konsepte in hierdie boek word al vir meer as 25 jaar getoets en ons maak gebruik van die tydlose Bybelse boodskap van hoop.

Bestel nou!

In die jy die skrywers wil nooi on jou groep toe te spreek of om trauma ontlonting by jou organisasie te doen, kan jy 'n epos stuur na

Bespreek aanlyn or in-persoon afspraak vandag nog.

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Keys to wellness is only available as a package deal including the following two books:

1. A Sensible Vision

2. Put Trauma Behind You.

3. Keys to Wellness

Key to Wellness workbook is a practical guide toward wellness. It guides the participant to understand the importance of motivation in life, facts about trauma and crisis.

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Aquilla Wellness Solutions offers workshops, webinars and training to enhance professional development. We also make practical tools available to demystify trauma and help you to understand emotions. These tools form part of Barbara Louw's PhD research.

tn stress scale

The stress scale already proofed to be very popular and the first batch sold out at the World trauma Day Seminar. New stock arrived over the weekend.

tn draft

The Choc-Icon cards is a set of 70 cards, categorized in the 4 main groups of emotions, to assist you to identify and verbalize emotions. This is a great tool for therapists to assist the client to empower the client to identify their own feeling, to decide which feelings need to change and to choose a prefered outcome.

tn my story 2012

My Storyboard game is a powerful tool to assist people to start talking about what happened or what is really important in their lives. This A3 poster comes with 14 round tokens to assist the direction of each unique story.

tn reference key cardstn sleutelhouers

Our Keycards and keyholders have proven to be valuable tools when helping people put the trauma behind them.

New tools and a children's series of books will be available soon.


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