Did you know that your perceptions can stop you from finding creative solutions for the challenges that you face today? Here are a few suggestions on how to broaden your perspective and discover your unique triumphs:

  • Create a journal for your random questions, ideas, and new thoughts.
  • Read widely and think about a range of topics. Read about new topics.
  • Enjoy activities such as walking, music, arts, and crafts, as well as daydreaming to stimulate your imagination.
  • Give yourself time to grow especially when you feel stuck. Growth usually takes place on more than one level.
  • Spend time around innovative people whose thinking inspires you.
  • Express your gratitude in life by giving some of your time and expertise to inspire someone less fortunate than you are. By lifting another person’s eyes to see new horizons you make a difference in your world too.
  • Commit to putting your dreams by writing them down in your journal and taking action.

An accountability partner can help you to stay on course to implement your creative solutions to change the challenges into triumphs. If you would like more information on how to incorporate these strategies, you can book an appointment with Dr Barbara Louw