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Dr Barbara Louw works as a traumatologist, registered specialist wellness- and pastoral counsellor. Her professional registration falls under EAPA-SA; CPSC and ACRP.

She is a Professor at Binah Advanced Bible College/Therapon University and Kailo Institute NPC.

In 2020 she obtained the postdoctoral degree Doctor in Divinity for Developing a strategy to address bullying for pastors and educators in South Africa.

Her other postgraduate studies included an investigation of the use of narrative therapy with victims of sexual violations (Master’s in Sociology) and posttraumatic embitterment disorder - PhD in Counselling. She also holds a PhD in Wellness and Folk Medicine. As a renowned author, speaker and training facilitator.

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Dr Barbara started her journey in the helping profession as an ordained minister. She started a non-profit organisation, Inter Trauma Nexus, in 1998 with the sole purpose of bringing hope to victims of crime.

Dr Barbara is a certified CPD facilitator and she ensures the improvement of industry-wide standards and skills through extensive CPD workshops.

In her capacity as trauma relief facilitator and strategic advisor to the NAA-SA (National Accommodation Association – South Africa), Dr Barbara continues to assist community members and tourists who are affected by crime and trauma in South Africa.

Dr Barbara has been a training evaluation advisor for several corporate clients in the field of emergency response, including Trigger SA. Other long-term corporate clients include the Foschini Group, Railway Furnishers, and Brenner Mills. Her business services and training company, Aquilla Advisors cc, has been a member of the CCBC (Capital City Business Chamber) for over ten years.

Through her private practice, Aquilla Wellness Solutions, Dr Barbara developed Kailo Soothing Oils to assist people to reduce sensory trauma in their bodies. Dr Barbara and her team of experts continue to develop and improve on these programmes to better assist the needs of her clients. In the process of completing her postgraduate studies, Dr Barbara developed numerous therapeutic tools with the aim of assisting therapists and counsellors, as well as other professional people in the helping professions, to guide their clients to identify their emotions. These therapeutic tools also assist people to grow towards enhanced wellness. Dr Barbara authored several books with a similar aim. The latest publications by Dr Barbara are entitled “Roots and All – dealing with posttraumatic embitterment’; 'Managing Trauma Relief' and the Afrikaans book 'Hartswysheid en Kopkennis'.

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