Tools to help you

Aquilla Wellness Solutions developed tools to demystify trauma and help you assess your emotions. These tools form part of Barbara Louw's PhD research.

tn stress scale

The stress scale already proofed to be very popular and the first batch sold out at the World trauma Day Seminar. New stock arrived over the weekend.

tn draft

The Choc-Icon cards is a set of 70 cards, categorized in the 4 main groups of emotions, to assist you to identify and verbalize emotions. This is a great tool for therapists to assist client to empower client to identify their own feeling, to decide which feelings need to change and to choose a prefered outcome.

tn my story 2012

My Story board game is a powerful tool to assist people to start talking about what happened or what is really inportant in their lives. This A3 poster comes with 14 round tokens to assist the direction of each unique story.

tn reference key cardstn sleutelhouers

Our Keycards and keyholders have proven to be valueable tools when helping people put trauma behind them. (More information)

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