Roots and All, by Dr Barbara Louw, is based on ground-breaking research into Bitterness and Posttraumatic Embitterment Reactions and Disorder.

This book provides insights into the prevalence of bitterness and embitterment in individuals, families and the community, as well as in the workplace.

It will enable you to get the big picture of what embitterment is and how it impacts people’s health, relationships and wellness. You will be shown how to understand the concepts of ‘wellness’ and ‘unwellness’ in a holistic systems paradigm. It will present you to understand and apply the principles natural health to enhance and obtain wholeness.

It gives practical guidelines and applicable suggestions on how to assist individual, therapists, HR-practitioners, pastors and managers on a road to healing, wholeness and forgiveness.

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Keys to wellness is only available as a package deal including the following two books:

1. A Sensible Vision

2. Put Trauma Behind You.

3. Keys to Wellness

Key to Wellness workbook is a practical guide toward wellness. It guides the participant to understand the importance of motivation in life, facts about trauma and crisis.

trauma - agter die rug

ISBN 97819197549491

Uiteindelik in Afrikaans! So eg Suid-Afrikaans soos die Namakwaland Daisies op die voorblad.

Hierdie boek gee vir jou praktiese riglyne om jou te help om aan te beweeg met jou lewe na trauma. Hierin sal jy riglyne vind oor hoe om die warboel van emosies wat jy ervaar te verstaan en te hanteer. Daar is ook inligting oor verwarrende reaksies op trauma en die vrae wat jy dalk het oor geloof en geestelikheid.

Praktiese hulp, aanwysings en wenke is volop in die boek tevinde en dit sal jou bystaan in hierdie proses van genesing, heel word en vergifnis.‘n Unieke deel van hierdie boek is die afdeling oor die finansiële impak van trauma en hoe ‘n mens daarna herstel. Die hoofstuk word aangevul deur hulpbronne wat gratis van Aquilla Adviseurs se webwerf afgelaai kan word.

Die idees en konsepte in hierdie boek word al vir meer as 25 jaar getoets en ons maak gebruik van die tydlose Bybelse boodskap van hoop.

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Barbara Louw

· Founding member, Executive Director and CEO of Inter Trauma Nexus, Section 21 Company and non-profit organisation. This organisation specializes in victim support, crisis intervention, trauma relief facilitation and counselling.

· Private practice in Wellness Solution, including counselling, advisory service and training: Co-owner of Aquilla Advisors.

· She has been involved with community projects and counselling since 1980 and specialises in providing Trauma Relief Facilitation services, Trauma & Crisis Management Services and training for corporate clients since 1998.

· Guest lecturer at various Bible schools and was a part time lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology at Department of Business Management (2000-2005).

· Co-author of numerous books, courses and programmes.

· Addiction and Resilience Coach.

· Public and conference speaker on Trauma, Victimisation, Child Trauma, Victim Empowerment, Crime Prevention, Life skills, Motivation and Being Successful.

· She completed a BTh and MA (Soc.) in Narrative Therapy for victims of rape and sexual violations. “GOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE” AS METAPHOR OF HOPE FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLATIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA.”

· She is currently doing research on Post-traumatic Embitterment Disorder for her PhD.


· Association of Christian Counsellors of South Africa (Board member and Specialist counsellor)

· Association of Counsellors in South Africa (Counsellor and trainer).

· Council for Counsellors (Counsellor and Trainer)

· International Institute for Crisis and Trauma Intervention (Traumatologist)

· COMENSA (Coach & Mentor)

· Natural Healers Association (Practitioner)

Wynand Louw

· 30 years’ experience as a Minister in community affairs as well as 25 years of experience in the South African financial services sector.

· Chairperson, Executive director and co-founder for  Inter Trauma Nexus (ITN) a Section 21 Company and non-profit organisation.

· Wynand is a successful Coach, Mentor, motivational speaker and minister.

· He is Co-owner of Aquilla Advisors cc and the Managing member of Aquilla Financial Solutions cc.

· He presents regularly at conferences, seminars and training sessions on various topics.

· He was a speaker at conferences for Markus Evans, World Society of Victimology, various Churches, Association of Christian Counsellors in SA and others.

· He has written several articles for publications and training manuals.

· He is a part time lecturer at various academic and educational institutions.

· He was a part time lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology at Department of Business Management (2000-2007)

· Wynand holds a Bth (Unisa); Dip RFM (SA); NTD (SA); HDip IM, FIISA

· He is a MBA Candidate (COU) and the topic of his thesis is: “A Christian Program for Moral regeneration in a multi-cultural South Africa.”

· He is a member of: Association of Christian Counsellors in SA (Board Member and Counsellor), Association of Counsellors in South Africa (counsellor and trainer) Council for Counsellors (Counsellor and trainer), COMENSA (Coach and Mentor), Insurance Institute of SA (Fellow) and Insurance Institute of Northern Gauteng (Vice President).

· He is an advisor to numerous Companies, Non Profit Organisations, Churches, and Unions.

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